Use Poln & Get More Customers for Your Shopify Store

  • Acquire highly qualified users at an unbelievably low cost!
  • Easy-to-use dashboard makes setting up quality campaigns quick and simple!
  • No campaign minimums, no monthly fees and no long-term contracts!

Poln pre-targeting is the first advertising platform designed specifically to help small to mid-sized online retailers acquire new customers easily and cost-effectively

Poln helps you create highly targeted and intelligent advertising campaigns that run only on premium display inventory. Each campaign is automatically adjusted as it runs, optimizing campaigns of all budgets to outperform the competition.

To reach your ideal customer, simply choose the following targets:

  1. Product category 
  2. Price range 
  3. Countries in which your ads will be displayed 
  4. Gender

It takes as few as 5 minutes to set up a campaign, and then Poln takes care of all the rest. It’s as simple as that!