Facebook Advertising: Why Your Brand Should Start Today!

Let's start with the facts.  Facebook, as a social network, boasts over 1.28 billion daily active users.  And, on a monthly basis that number hits almost 2 billion!  In short, those billions of users provide valuable information for online marketers, such as age, location, likes and dislikes, as well as insights into social circles and friend groups.  It is a goldmine of data for brands to capitalize on; however, with so many options, finding an effective initial campaign strategy can be tough and scaling results once you gain some initial traction can be even tougher. 

Pollen has partnered with Facebook to address this concern.  Advertising through a platform like Facebook should be powerful, but it should also be simple.  Now it is! 

1.  Generate brand awareness

It's no secret that Facebook is built on the principle of sharing ideas and information.  Just think of the global reach: over 85% of traffic comes from outside of the U.S.  Facebook has really proven to be one of the best places on the web to discover new things, especially brands! 

2.  Advanced Targeting

Not only can you target customers based off of age, location, and gender, but you can also build lookalike audiences that mirror your current customer list for increased refinement.  Not sure how to achieve this?  No problem!  Pollen does this for you automatically! 

3.  A/B Test Ad Units 

Facebook results can be tricky to scale as it's tough to test creative on the fly.  Operating through Pollen, you'll never have to worry about this.  Your ads will automatically be given budget based on the top performers so your dollars are always going to the right place! 

4. Save Time & Money

If you've set up a campaign manually through Facebook, you know it can take some time...sometimes a very long time.  Operating through Pollen takes 2 minutes from start to finish!  We're not joking.    

5. Reach

Advertising through Pollen allows you to optimize your budget for both prospecting and retargeting across the web and on Facebook.  Want to serve retargeting ads to users after they've left a lite or a social page?  No problem! 


As you can see, Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool.  Combining Facebook's reach with Pollen's artificial intelligence and simplicity, you can say hello to advertising on autopilot. 

Want to get started?  Reach out to support@gopollen.com!