5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Brand This Quarter

Promoting your brand is all about going above and beyond while thinking outside of the box.  With stiff competition this year, eCommerce shops are looking for ways to distance themselves from the rest of the crowd.

The good news is that eCommerce revenue is increasing more and more every year.  Experts are expecting that worldwide revenue will reach $4 billion by 2020!  With a lot of dollars on the table, it’s crucial to promote effectively online.  

Here are 5 simple ways to promote your brand this quarter! 


Video ad engagement is off the charts.  In fact, after a user watches a video ad they are 64% more likely to buy that product online.  Combine that with the increased browsing traffic and high buying intent retailers are expecting this year, and you’ll realize investing some of your budget towards video ads is an absolute no-brainer.   


We all know the benefits of using social media to boost engagement (hint, you have an audience of 1.23 daily active users on Facebook), but when it comes to promoting your brand on Memorial Day, 4th of July and the rest of the big upcoming shopping dates, have you thought about joining “Holiday Deals” Groups on Facebook?  Although some of these are filled with spam, there are many great public groups out there that you can join and post the deals you are promoting through your website.  This is a great way to attract audiences who are not aware of your brand or were not aware of a deal you were promoting.  


If you’re like us, chances are you’ve searched for coupon codes online before.  As you can imagine, consumers are always looking to get the best bang for their buck.  These forums serve two great purposes: the ability to post your brands deals within and also the ability to scope out what your competition is advertising for promotions.  We’d recommend checking out Slick Deals and Gotta Deal.


Online shoppers love websites dedicated to deals.  In fact, 93% of shoppers use a discount or coupon code throughout the year.  Try RetailMeNot and don’t forget to work on compelling promotions to set your brand apart from the rest!


There is no better way to retain your traffic and promote your sales than to send out email marketing campaigns to your current subscriber list.  Email marketing has a 3800% ROI and is one of the most effective ways at drawing users to your website and to keep them spending!


By combining these 5 simple ways to promote your brand this quarter, you’ll be in great shape to start funneling in some new shoppers!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.