The Best Shopify Apps for Fashion Brands

It’s projected that eCommerce apparel, footwear, and accessories revenue will grow $30 billion over the course of the next 5 years, bringing the total revenue in the United States to over $96 billion annually.  It’s no secret that your brand chose a great time to throw their hat in the eCommerce ring; however, with increased customer presence comes greater competition.  And, with greater competition comes the need to create operating efficiencies throughout your store.  

In the eCommerce world, automation is everything.  If you’re a Shopify customer, there are now some faithful apps that not only save you time, but also improve customer relationships, sales, and optimize your website at the same time!

Here is a quick list of some of the best Shopfiy Apps for fashion brands:

1.  Yotpo Reviews

92% of customers read online product reviews and 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a website with reviews.  As brands keep ramping up their eCommerce game, product recommendations are becoming almost as valuable as a sale!  Yotpo allows a seamless plug and play Shopify integration so you can focus on making the best products possible!

2.  Social Photos

Social Photos is a new form of product reviews.  As you’ve likely experienced, often times the image of a product on a webpage doesn’t translate into what that product actually looks like in the real world.  Social Photos allows your shop to pull in social posts of your customers wearing products from your store.  This gives new shoppers a unique window into how these will look in person, further enticing the sale.  

3.  Returns Manager

Returns: they can happen a lot when you’re running an online store.  To combat the customer and store hassle, Returns Manager is a great place to offer customers free returns and manage orders that are being sent back to your shop.  Staying organized is part of winning the online game!  

4.  Shop By Instagram

Instagram boasts 600 million active monthly users.  Starting a social channel for your fashion brand is a no-brainer and converting your feed into a shopable page is an even easier way of generating sales for your brand.  Download Shop By Instagram and watch the social sales start rolling in!

5.  Personalized Recommendations

We know you’ve experienced personalized product recommendations before; think about everytime you shop on Amazon.  Product recommendations are a great way to show browsers products that they might not have checked out on your site.  Fun fact: more than 31% of eCommerce revenue can be attributed to product recommendations.  Time to jump on board!


As you can see, throwing in a few trusty apps to your Shopify store can really help from an efficiency standpoint and ensure your business runs even smoother.  Fashion is a competitive online space, but with the help of some automation tools, you can start generating more sales and increase customer satisfaction all while introducing your customer base to new products.  Creating a seamless shopping experience is the key to retaining traffic online!

Any other tips?  Feel free to comment below.