How to Write Great Email Subject Lines

As an online shop, you’re likely doing some form of email marketing to your customers.  Not entirely happy with your results and opens?  Fear not, this is a common problem.   A major contributing factor, that you might want to investigate further, is the strength of your email subject lines.  Let us explain...

If you’re like us, you get a ton of “junk” emails everyday.  And yes, just like us, you delete the vast majority without ever giving it an open.  First things first, marketing comes in all different shapes and sizes and it never really stops.  Since you’re trying to grow your business, it’s important to find ways to showcase your product and get browsers to view your page as frequently as possible.  One way to do that is through email marketing.  

The majority of consumers nowadays communicate via email, text, or social media.  Email marketing is crucial as during the times when your target customers aren’t browsing the web or seeing your social media postings, they are likely still receiving and checking their emails.  In fact, email marketing is almost 40% more effective when acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter.  This isn't surprising considering the time off web browsing and social media is huge.  These are the moments that are perfect to send prospects an email regarding your products, promotions, an upcoming special event, or just a quick hello.  

If you’re looking to increase your email open rates, try working on more attractive subject lines.  

Here are some easy ideas:

1.  Instill a sense of urgency

Of course, you never want to spam your customers and never want to sound like you are trying to, but simple phrases like, “Buy now,” or “Save now,” work tremendously well and also instill a sense of urgency to buy your product sooner rather than later.     

2.  Have fun with your subject lines

It’s ok to be quirky, in fact, it makes your brand more human.  If your customers see you having fun, they’ll have fun too.  Don’t be afraid to get excited about what you’re selling and about its benefits to that specific consumer.  Feel free to include exclamation points, bold statements, and anything else you can think of. 

3.  What would make you open an email

What makes you open an email?  What makes you delete one?  Think about the things that work on you, because everyone, at some point, is on the consumer side.  Implement a strong subject line that would ensure you would give it an open and your customers will too.  

4.  Be self deprecating

Any customers or target audience not buying from you recently?  That’s ok, and expected.  Feel free to shoot these customers an email.  It can be funny as you want to make the best out of an “awkward” situation.  Try something like, “Come back to us!”  or “Why don’t you love us anymore?”  We guarantee you’ll have your shoppers cracking up.  Don’t forget to include a promo code to get them back on your site.     

5.  Drop in an emoji

Often, it just comes down to what catches your eye.  If there’s a wall of text in your inbox, it’s easy to look over emails, accidentally delete them, or just never open them.  A simple emoji can help break up the monotony in the best of ways.  

6.  Simple is best

Sometimes, a simple “Offer inside” works.  It’s important not to overwhelm your customer and wordy subject lines will do just that.  

7.  Segment your audience

Just like you would in advertising, what will appeal to someone in an urban environment, might not appeal to the same person in a rural area.  In Mailchimp, for example, you can go in and pick your target audience.  Try A/B testing email subject lines on different demographics and see what works best.  

8.  Target emails around specific events and include those events in your subject line

“Labor day sale,” or “Look the part at your 4th of July BBQ” are all great ways to get customers to open your email and check out what offers you have inside.  To view a list of can’t-miss summer marketing events, click here.

Remember, you can always A/B test subject lines to see what’s working best for you.  Any other tips of tricks?  Feel free to share below!